The company has set up its R&D institutions in Dongyang headquarters and Hangzhou respectively so as to make integrated global market layout based on characteristic APIs and produce high-quality APIs with higher production capacity; strengthen preparation development, improve upstream and downstream industry chain.

The R&D Center includes nearly 80 employees, who directly involve in R&D, including the project leaders of research group, who are experts entitled to the special allowance of the State Council, professor-level experts, senior engineers, etc. and mainly engaged in drug research innovation. Our members above also include experts specially invited from domestic colleges, universities and scientific research institutions as well as research fellows with the background of overseas study and rich working experience. The company is dedicated to fulfilling the corporate culture that “Haisen staff produces high-quality drugs with full dedication” to strive for improving human’s life quality.

The company has established Workstation for Academicians & Experts, joint laboratory and Hangzhou Haisen Pharmaceutical Research Institute (enclave R&D institution) in partnership with cooperated with domestic prestigious colleges, universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, and introduced talents in the industry to create an S & T innovation platform.

National College & University Technology Enterprise
Provincial enterprise technology center 
Provincial Haisen Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center of Cardiovascular Drugs of Zhejiang Haisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Technology SME in Zhejiang Province
The Specialized, Fine, Special and Novel SME in Zhejiang Province
Workstation for Academicians and Experts in Jinhua City
Route design
Process optimization, and study of impurity and crystal form
Small and medium test, pilot test and trial production
Engineering design
Quality research, declaration and registration
Years of work experience, multi-level R&D team, and a favorable platform for technical exchange
Qualification for using highly toxic products
Requirements of use and experience for special raw materials
Recovery and treatment capacity of special by-products and wastes

Chiral resolution technology, condensation reaction technology, sulfonation reaction technology, enzyme catalysis technology, solvent recovery technology, crystallization technology, membrane treatment technology, DCS application technology, etc.

PharMarket、Scimore、 Databases such as PharMarket, Schimore, Scifinder, Pharnexcloud, PatSnap, Globalwits, Mylibs, etc.

In terms of scientific research, it has deepened cooperation with domestic colleges, universities and scientific research institutions in virtue of the Workstation for Academicians and Experts, Provincial Haisen Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center of Cardiovascular Drugs of Zhejiang Haisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and both parties worked together to build a joint laboratory and industry-university-research projects. It has also intensified industry-university-research cooperation with colleges, universities and scientific research institutes gradually in recent years. For instance, the Company has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Jinhua Institute of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Normal University, , the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College and scientific research institutes. Colleges, universities and scientific research institutes are responsible for providing research support in the early stage or temporarily in some stages of drug R&D. According to the division of labor and cooperation in the R&D stage, the Company is mainly responsible for development work such as pilot test and amplification, and process research such as industrialization and large-scale commercialization, etc.