As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Haisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Haisen Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (“the Institute”) is located at Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Town, Zhejiang Province. The Institute has established a complete R&D system, API research platform, preparation research platform, quality research platform and corresponding teams responsible for project approval, registration, quality control and project management; integrated resources at home and abroad, followed the latest dynamics of global R&D and innovation, and kept the same pace comprehensively with the world in terms of R&D technology of generic and innovative drugs and functional system construction. It has introduced several leading talents long engaged in drug R&D for years, including such key technical fields as API process research, pharmaceutical preparations, generic drugs, small molecule innovative drugs, enzyme synthetic drugs, etc., and has basically established an efficient R&D team and high-level technical platform led by outstanding talents.

With a focus on the R&D of API process, development of generic drugs for brands badly needed for clinical practice, and layout of drug research in many fields such as psychotropic drugs, analgesic drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, cardio-cerebrovascular drugs, etc., the Institute has kicked off R&D of several projects in order to realize its long-term development.